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Wabaunsee County gravel routes come in all size and levels

  Select any town on the map to see cycling route details.

  Each community has unique routes, with varying lengths and difficulty.

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Guided Tours:

  Flint Hills Gravel Adventures offers guided tours suited to your riding level.

  So if you're unsure about directions or just want to enjoy your ride while someone else leads the way, contact our

  seasoned guides to learn more.

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Tips and Tricks:

  •   Gravel riding in the Flint Hills can be difficult and hazardous, with long, steep climbs, and fast descents

  •   Very few routes are flat or easy, moderate physical health is a requirement

  •   Wear a helmet; Flint Hills gravel is unrelenting and unforgiving

  •   Bring water and a snack:  it can be very hot and windy

  •   Bring a spare tube and fix-it tools

  •   Ensure your phone is charged before you begin.  Reception is spotty, but most hilltops have reception.

  •   Have fun!  You will be riding in some of the last tallgrass prairies left unplowed in North America

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