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Classic Gravel Roads

Gravel riding is the best way to experience the beauty of the Flint Hills. 

Whether you're a first timer or a gravel warrior, riding alone or in a small group, Flint Hills Gravel Adventures has a ride for you on the world's best gravel roads. Find out more about our rides and tours in the links below.

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Where we ride

Our tours focus on the northern Flint Hills, with easy access from Manhattan, Topeka, Wichita, and Kansas City.  We're also happy to meet you for a tour of the southern hills. 

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Why ride with us

1.  We are long-time residents of the Flint Hills; we know this region well. 

2.  We are lifelong cyclists: gravel of course, but also daily around our

     town, fully embracing cycling as a way of life. We see the world on a


3.  We have developed our own unique routes that highlight the

     uniqueness of the Flint Hills; solitude, scenery, challenge, history, and

     tallgrass ecosystems.

4.  Small group and individual rides; focus is on you and making sure

     your tour is built to your needs and cycling level.

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