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Every Flint Hills Gravel Adventure (FHGA) ride is unique, and therefore questions arise.
Common questions are grouped by topic below.  If you can't find what you're looking for below, please contact us via the "Contact" page and we will respond promptly.
General Safety
Every ride begins with an overview of safety and the rules of the road.  Helmets are mandatory.  ABC (Air, Brakes, & Chain) checks are standard on all bikes.  If you rent an E-bike from FHGA a quick how-to and practice laps will be completed prior to you tour.
The scourge of cyclists everywhere.  Vehicles are very rare on the roads we ride; on many rides we encounter no vehicles.  Vehicles we do encounter are travelling slowly as the gravel surface requires it.   We always exercise caution and call out all vehicles to fellow riders.
Always the topic of discussion... Gravel bikes are great, but not a necessity.  An old converted mountain bike or hybrid will do the job just fine if your new to the gravel.  
Thin road bike tires are a no go.  But city slicks to mountain bike tires work well.  We will lower your PSI to match conditions; generally ~30psi. This helps avoid flats and add grip.
All of our tours will finish before dark, however bring a set of lights just in case.
You don’t need lycra to have a good time.  Gravel riding is for everyone and specialty gear and equipment is not needed.  Comfortable clothes of any type work well; we ride in regular shorts and light cotton button down shirts.  For rides over 15 miles we do recommend cycling shorts for comfort.  
If you don't have clip-in pedals, don't worry.  Tennis shoes will work just fine on standard pedals.  
Mobile Phone
Bring your phone.  Mobile signal is not guaranteed as many areas are very remote or hidden in valleys.  Most of the time, finding a hill or ridge allows for adequate signal strength. 
Bags & Packs
Bring one of the following: seat bag, handlebar bag, top tube bag, or backpack.  In the bag bring: 
  • Extra water (FHGA will provide water, but you can never have enough)
  • Hat with a brim; ballcap, cycling cap, cowboy hat (you wont' be the first)
  • Sunscreen
  • Extra snack (FHGA will provide a snack, but again, it's good to be prepared)
  • Extra tire tube if your riding your own bike (FHGA carries extra 26"x1.75" tubes)
Where to Meet
Most of our northern tours begin in Volland or Alma, KS.   Our southern rides meet in Mattfield Green.  Upon booking, you will receive a detailed meeting location.  We recommend using google maps for driving directions from your home.
What to Expect
Gravel riding is always an experience.  Roads are in various states of maintenance and repair, ranging from hard-packed to loose and gnarly stones.  Wind is almost certain; try and enjoy it.  Solitude and vistas are guaranteed.  Breaks are taken as much as you need; some rides have them on top of every hill.  Other tours have none; it's your ride, you decide.
Music & Chatting
It's your ride, you decide.  While we enjoy the sounds of tires shredding gravel and wind through the grasses, if you want music, you bring it.  If you want to chat, we're happy to.  If you want to ride in silence, we understand that too.
Bike Rental
We recommend using your own bike, as you're most comfortable on it. Bike rental is available upon request for limited sized groups.  Sunset Tours are wonderful on E-Bikes.
Weather is always a threat in the Flint Hills. If storms or lightening are present then your ride will be rescheduled.  Heavy spring rains can cause some roads to be not ridable; if conditions are too poor, we will reschedule.  Temperatures can range widely, but won't affect our ability to ride.
Family Friendly
Gravel riding can be, but that depends on your family.  We only allow riders 16 years or older on our rides due to the terrain and loose surfaces.  That said, we can built custom routes that are built to your needs. If you're looking for a slow enjoyable ride, we recommend the Stone Byways or Sunset Tours.
Trip Add-on
FHGA makes a great addition to a weekend trip to the region. Whether you're in Manhattan for a K-State game or just getting away in an AirBnB on the prairie, we have a ride that will make your get away better.
Dining & Overnights
Whether you need a dining recommendation or are looking for a place to stay overnight, FHGA has premier partners across the region; just ask us.
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