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In 2012, Jared along with his wife Catherine & their daughter, moved back to Manhattan.  MHK is a place that allows (if you try) for a life centered around walking & biking, while having outdoor adventure just outside of town.  This proximity lead to a love of gravel riding, and exploring places known through a windshield in a whole new way.  As a GIS professional and map enthusiast, gravel biking combined many of Jared's favorite hobbies into one.  He is slowly acquiring a battalion of bikes including:
  • 1971 Schwinn Speedster: daily vehicle, commute, groceries  
  • 2006 Iron Horse mountain bike:  the do everything bike.  Converted to a hybrid with city tires it's still his gravel grinder.
  • 2021 Rad Power Mini Step Thru:  A new favorite, just life changing.  Makes riding nothing but joyful.
  • 1960s Schwinn tandem:  Catherine's favorite even with the squeaks & all